Saturday Sports Show: 2019-2020

The WMIX Saturday Sports Show runs every week for the entire year, with new seasons beginning with football previews in August and ending the final Saturday in July.  You can listen to the Saturday Sports Show live on AM 940, 96.5 FM or right here on

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Golf, Girls Tennis, and Football (SIRR-Mississippi) Preview. Guests: Quinn McClure – Mt. Vernon Golf, Reggie Norman – Benton Boys Golf, Randy Knox – Mt. Vernon Girls Tennis, Derek Beard – Du Quoin Football, Brett Diel – Carterville Football, Steve Kozuszek – Nashville Football, Brett Detering – Anna-Jonesboro Football and Tod Rushing – Pinckneyville Football. Also, what is your cell phone ringtone?

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Cross Country and Football (SIRR-Ohio) Preview. Guests: Matt Hampelmann – West Frankfort Cross Country, Tim Bierbaum – C.O.R.L. Cross Country, Eric Kirkpatrick – Du Quoin Cross Country, Clint Turner – Mt. Vernon Boys Cross Country, Jenny Olson – Nashville Cross Country, Justin Groves – Benton Football, Brian Beery – West Frankfort Football, Gabe Angelly – Harrisburg Football, and Gary Carter – Murphysboro Football. Also, what is a question you think we should ask as a social media question of the week?

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Soccer / Volleyball Preview. Guests: Vimal Patel – Mt. Vernon Boys Soccer, Travis Sanders – Centralia Boys Soccer, Lee Bennett – Centralia A.D. on recent Trout Arena upgrades, Matt Troha – IHSA on New Statewide TV Network, Quinn McClure – Mt. Vernon Golf on tryout info, Erica Culpepper – Mt. Vernon Volleyball, Loni Smith – Carlyle Volleyball, Sara Lamczyk – Woodlawn Volleyball and Josh Konkel – Nashville Volleyball. Also, if you could travel anywhere in the world to try a certain food, where would you go and what food would you be trying?