IHSA Scheduling Violation Ends Pinckneyville’s Volleyball Season

PINCKNEYVILLE – The Pinckneyville Panthers Volleyball team was scheduled to face off with Chester tonight in a regional semifinal at DuQuoin High School. But because of an IHSA scheduling violation, the Panthers will forfeit to Chester and the top seed in the DuQuoin regional will end their season without playing in the state tournament.

IHSA bylaws only allow volleyball teams to play 35 regular season games before the state tournament. Pinckneyville, who sported a 28-8 record coming into the tournament, had played 36 games total.

According to the Pinckneyville Press, the school offered to suspend coach Cathy Kohnen for the remainder of the season, suspend athletic director Bob Waggoner, and forfeit all 28 wins in an effort to get to play in the state tournament, but the IHSA deemed the violation as an advantage for their team and disqualified the team from the state tournament.

Pinckneyville won a regional championship last year and lost to Carlinville in the sectional semifinals. The Panthers were among a handful of southern Illinois teams that could have competed for a state finals berth this season.